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trails USA

What we have to offer...

We have 6 horses, we can take on the trail.

Traveling Ultra-Light means we don't use packhorses.
All our equipment is on the horse and we keep it to the absolute minimum.

We have two horses, that can carry up to 200 lbs, 4 of them are for smaller riders.

We expect you to know how to saddle a horse and ride in trot and canter.

We do walk at times, and that means you need to be able to get back up on the horse from a tree or a rock. You are riding at your own risk and have to sign a waiver.
Of course you can join us on your own horse too.

Wanderreiten USA

Local trails

3-6 hours

Having Pike Peak National Park near by, we can saddle up at the Red Rock Ranch and take a tour around Mount Herman and be back in 3-4 hours. There is other options with Greenland Open Space and other Areas near by.

You will be guided and are riding comfortable western saddles. We will accommodate you and your level of riding.

You can stay at our guest house or the tipi, if you prefer.

Wanderreiten USA

Trails & Camp

2-8 days

Colorado is trail riding country. The Front Range north and south of Palmer Lake offers many opportunities for a weekend out in the bush.


Or if you prefer, we can take you up to hartsel to our cabin and back again on an 8 day Ride, where we camp out and sleep under the beautiful western sky.


Sleeping equipment and Cover for the night can be rented with the horses.

Bergsee in Wayoming USA

UL-Long Rides

Loading the horses for a drive up to Wyoming, where we found great trails and awsome country side to explore.

We will be riding a part of the Continental Divide Trail
and enjoy the breath taking scenerey.

We will ride in small group's of max. 4 people and will have to cook our own meals on the trail. All equipment will be provided.

get a free quote...

We charge for the horse to rent and for the guide.
Horses min. 100.-- plus 120.-- for the guide per day and ride.
Plus food and rent of any equipment.  You will be required to help cover costs for Transportation.

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