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Crossing Borders

State Borders
There are two types of borders to look at. One is your State Borders. They require a Document from a Brand Inspector of your county. For a Brand Inspector to do their job, they must complete a physical inspection of livestock for brands and ownership, including the brand record, which may include an actual brand, and/or paper documentation. He will issue a brand inspector certificate. Additionally, your horse needs to have all the required vaccinations plus a current Coggins Test not older than 12 months for your return trip.
You only have to show up at the border inspection in the state you are going to ride. So if you drive up to Montana from Colorado, Wyoming is not interested in seeing your documents. Your veterinarian will provide you with the needed documentation of the vaccination and the Coggins.


Traveling to Canada with your horse will require the same papers plus some more, for the Canadian government. Your Veterinarian will be able to obtain the proper papers and provide them filled in for you.
These papers are valid for crossing into Canada and back into the US within 30 Days.

There is a veterinarian inspection point at Sweet Grass Bordercrossing of Interstate 15, you need to make an appointment, they can fill out the papers for Canada if you have all the current documentation for the State of Montana. If you stay longer than 30 Days in Canada, you need to get papers again for entering the US from a Canadian Veterinary or said Inspection at the border.


Mexico basically requires the same paperwork as Canada, except your Coggins must be current within 60 days of the border crossing. Returning your horse from Mexico will require a 7 day quarantine.

Border Information

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