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Taking riders and their horses across the Alps, for close to 20 years, brings a lot of challenges and experience. I came to understand, that in most cases it's the rider who causes a problem, and the horse is responding to it. So if you have a spooky horse, or if you are otherwise not happy with the way your horse is behaving, let's talk and find out, how you can approach the issue.  I will not teach your horse, I will teach you. And you will find out that only your own imagination sets the limits to what your horse can do. These are weekend courses and I take 1 to 4 riders with their horses.
Location Palmer Lake Red Rock Ranch

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Working with you and your horse will cost you 120.-- a day. Max. 6 people per Clinic.
The Clinics can be booked individually, but they build on each other. We will find out, where you are at in your personal developement with your horse and go from there. The Clinics run from Oktober to March every year.
For the Trail Riding and Ultra Light Riding Clinic we will have to give you an individual quote.

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